Saturday, July 2, 2016

How I Imagine NBC does Sunday Night Football

I’m a football fan, but my job keeps me from staying up late on Sunday nights, so I rarely get to see NBC’s coverage
He's no Bill Weber
of Sunday Night Football.  Based on this weekend’s Nascar coverage, here’s how I’m guessing it goes.

Announcer: Giants with the ball on their own 31, first and ten, down by a touchdown in the second quarter…run up the middle, stopped cold by the Ravens’ D.  2nd and 11.  *COMMERCIAL (for erectile disfunction drug)*.  Manning over the middle…CAUGHT but brought down, just short of the first down.  *COMMERCIAL (creepy George Hamilton KFC ad)*.  Handoff stuffed at the line…this one’s gonna require a measurement, we’ll come back from commercial if we get a decision. *COMMERCIAL (for next week’s NBC Sunday Night Football game)*.  It’s fourth-down, looks like Giants are going for it here…trying to draw the defense off-sides, there’s the time-out call.  We go NFL Nonstop. *COMMERCIAL on half the screen for fast food place nowhere near you as team huddles aimlessly*.  You saw it there on NFL Nonstop—coaching staff has decided to have the PUNTER attempt the punt here…wait, we have a flag…looks like the kicking team jumped there.  *COMMERCIAL for America’s Got Talent*  Giants backed up a bit there, HERE’S THE PUNT (punt goes out of bounds fifty yards away) you saw it live.  Ravens will take the ball at their own thir—*SIGNAL GOES OUT*