Monday, August 1, 2016

Post Race Coverage

By the time Nascar finally called today’s rain/fog delayed race, some of you were probably far away from a TV.  Here’s the post-race comments from the top-three finishers today:

Winner—Chris Buescher: “Wow, this is amazing.  Um, well, first off, it’s B-U-E-S-C-H-E-R, I’m from Prosper, Texas, and our team is owned by Bob Jenkins the restauranteur, not the former ESPN broadcaster.  Well, its not too often that I see most of the media want to talk to me—in fact, its usually DURING a rain delay!  I’m just kidding, guys, but feel free to make your way up to Statesville, North Carolina to visit us tomorrow.”

Runner-Up—Brad Keselowski: “Well, Bob, you have to consider the risks involved in this sport.  I mean, you always hope for a 38 race season with nothing but sun-filled weekends, but that just doesn’t happen.  In fact, if it NEVER rained on a race day, wouldn’t we appreciate it all a bit less?  You need the bitter to appreciate the taste of the sweet.  Oh, and, uh, thanks to all the sponsors.”

Third-Place—Regan Smith: “HAHAHA, WE BEAT TY DILLON!  I told him I’d ruin his Nascar career and this is just step one!  Ty, you put the wrong guy in the wall that day at Watkins Glen—vengeance is MINE!!!!!!!”