Sunday, July 17, 2016

Matt Kenseth Wins First Race of Season After Subbing In for Matt Kenzets

For the first time in years a substitute driver was able to drive his car into victory lane today, as Matt Kenseth posted his first win of the season in the 20 Dollar General Toyota, mere weeks after having taken over the ride from Matt Kenzets.
“Matt Kenzets may have won at Dover, but Matt Kenseth won today”, Kenseth said after exiting his car in victory lane.  “When I took over this ride at the 400 (in Daytona) I knew we had a car capable of winning right away—I mean, I saw what my predecessor did at Dover.”
Kenseth has earned a reputation as one of the best second-half of the season drivers in Nascar, while the driver he replaced, Kenzets, has posted consistent results in the first half.
“We really have a lot in common”, Kenseth said when referencing his predecessor.  “We’re both great racers, have rapier wits, and keep getting mistaken for robots.”

Kenseth was said to be donating part of his winnings to the Hendrick Motorsports Relief Fund.