Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Spade Racing Motion Picture Previews

Ah, fall--when allergens finally die, cider donuts are plentiful, and Hollywood releases its movies that are better than the January dumping ground, but not good enough for summer blockbuster season.  Here's some movies coming out with a Nascar bent:

The Judge:  Jeff Gordon completes the final step into middle-age--buying an old muscle car and pouring money into it until your kids make you sell it.

Addicted:  An intervention is held by RPM staff to deal with Aric Almirola's crippling addiction--hating Brian Scott.

Kill the Messenger:  Nascar Nation turns on the one person willing to tell the truth--that the new Chase format isn't all that bad.
Alternate Title: "Life Isn't Fair"

One Chance:  The true story of Jimmy Means' one race in a fully-funded, top-flight car.  I won't tell you how it ends, but here's a hint--it made Dale Jr. CRY.

Fury:  Today's hottest stage-actors re-enact Kurt Busch's radio outbursts through interpretive dance (rated NC-17).

Watchers of the Sky:  Kevin Harvick discusses how he's developed a fear of falling objects after that idiot parachuted into his car. 

The Best of Me:  A compendium of my very-best writing.  It's a short film.  A very, very, VERY short film.