Monday, October 13, 2014

Brad Keselowski: Image Enhancement Camp

I loves me some Blue Deuce brand beer!

With his cocksure attitude, willingness to ruffle the feathers of the sport's elite, and wild on-track racing style, Brad Keselowski has done a great job of winning--AND making enemies.  With Talladega, Nascar's most-dangerous track, next on the schedule, Brad needs help before the hatred reaches Robby Gordon-like proportions.  Here's some things Bad Brad can do to become much more likable (or, at least, avoid being flipped upside down at 200 mph on Sunday):

--Deflect blame by pointing out that he's following the grand tradition of the driver of the Penske #2 car being an insufferable jerk.

--Do what all millionaires do when they want to improve their images:  Go pink and talk about awareness (whatever THAT means).

--Get me a date with Miss Coors Light.  Sure, this won't really help matters--but it won't hurt, either.

--Let Brian Keselowski out of the basement.

--Appeal to old-school fans by moving to old-school methods of social media, like MySpace and Friendster.

--Point out that, no matter what he does on the track, he's not NEARLY as creepy as his teammate.