Friday, October 3, 2014

Kansas "News" and Notes

--True story--there was an issue with one of the blowers (not the Air Titan) during Friday practice, the first session of which was delayed by rain.  So they're using a blower to blow off the speedy-dry put down to soak up the fluid left by the blower that was there to blow off the rain.  We're approaching infinite regression here!

--The BK Racing exodus continues, with Mike Ford leaving to crew chief John Wes Townley in the Nationwide Series.  Going from BK Racing to Athenian Motorsports is like going from an internet startup to McDonalds--yeah, it sucks, but you know you're actually going to get paid this time.

--Milka Duno continues her quixotic attempt to qualify for a Nationwide Series race, after having been the slowest car (by far) in her first two attempts.  Oh well--if she can't cut it, at least she can fall back on that Maritime Business degree.

--Meanwhile, Regan Smith is coming back to JR Motorsports in 2015, sticking to running full-time in the Nationwide Series.  This pretty much makes him the Mike McLaughlin of our time (Elliott Sadler is the Tracy Leslie).

--My fan free-agency continues as I search for a new favorite driver for 2015.  I've heard back from a few teams, but I'm still waiting to find out why I should root for Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (besides wanting to feel 5/3rds Zestfully Clean).