Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tropical Storm Hermie Threatens Darlington Race Weekend

Please take shelter in basements of
TNA Impact Wrestling fans
Continuing NASCAR's recent history of screwing up important weekends with bad weather, Tropical Storm Hermie is prepared to bear down on the Carolina Coast, threatening NASCAR's Southern 500 weekend.
"We've been watching Hermie for quite a while--since the mid-90s, essentially", said meteorologist Amelia Caesar. "Judging by the storm's track record so far, it appears to be impacting the Xfinity Series more than anything, although we can't rule out a minor effect on the Cup Series race on Sunday."
Hermie, like most Tropical Storms, originated in Emporia, Virginia before strengthening over the Southeast region. While its total impact remains to be seen, experts are cautious about the possible aftereffects.
"After its initial landfall, we could see Hermie linger around for a lengthy period, not really posing a threat to anyone but letting people know it's still there", Caesar said. "After the horrible wreckage we saw from Hurricane Elliott in Talladega and Pocono, we're taking no chances."

The storm is expected to be seen next somewhere in Canada.