Friday, September 2, 2016

Nascar’s Throwforward/Turn-AHEAD-The-Clock Weekend—Darlington “News” and Notes

People are excited—and rightfully so—about the upcoming throwback weekend for Nascar at Darlington, which will see virtually every team participate with a vintage paint scheme honoring the past of the team, sponsor, driver, or number.  While looking to the past is all well and good, how about looking to…THE FUTURE?

1—Cessna Space Travel

2—“Tastes Bold/Less Polluting”

3—Tribute to the first two-seater car, driven simultaneously by Austin and Ty Dillon

4—Busch Maximum Light Canned Water

5—BorgClips Robot Haircuttery
Now with 33% more Jeff!

6—Whatever the car will look like in 2022 when Mark Martin makes his comeback

10—Soylent Green protein bars (made from 100% Green Brothers)

11—DronEx Drone Delivery Service

13—Geico Commercial Production Company

14—Financial Services Firm of Clinton J. “Clint” Bowyer, Esq.

16—No to Ortho insect rights advocacy group

17—Partsenal body part replacement suppliers

18—Paint scheme designed by Brexton Busch or his yet-to-be-born sibling, Brexit

19—SportClips Competitive Hair Cutting League

20—Euro General
Sequel to Chase's father's book,
"Finding Your Inner Awesome"

21—Motorcraft by Chrysler, a division of GM, a Ford company

22—Shell’s future promotion: “When Joey wins, pay only $4.99/gallon!”

24—“Chase-ing Your Self Esteem! Building Your Own Sense of Self on the Track” book release

27—Same logo, same co-sponsors, same banjo music

31—The car to be driven by Dex Dillon, the long-long third Dillon Brother

34—“Turn Ahead The Clock Throwback”, a tribute to the 2016 Cup Champion Chris Buescher

41—Haas 3-D Printers
Smithtek's biggest competitor

42—The Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything

43—Smithtek’s Ham-Like Substance Pork-Substitute Product

44—Scott Family Trust Beneficiary Fund

47—AJ Allmendinger School of Breakdancing

48—Lowe’s House of Robots

78—Tough-Luck Truex’s Voo-Doo Curse-Breakers

88—Nationwide is On Your Side, If that’s acceptable to you