Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Admits to Nodding Off During Race

"I stole these glasses
from Ray Evernham"
Forced out of the drivers’ seat due to a concussion, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been diligent in his rehabilitation, no matter how challenging it has been.  He’s found a new challenge, however, to be even more daunting—staying awake while watching a race on tv.
“I dunno, its been awhile since I’ve watching a race from the couch instead of from the driver’s seat”, Earnhardt Jr. was heard saying in an exclusive interview.  “I spent the first hundred laps or so flicking between the race and the (Washington) Redskins game, but I guess at some point I kinda dozed off.
“I’m still a member of Hendrick Motorsports, and I want to see my boys in the 88 car run as best as they can”, Dale Jr. continued, “but really, trying to keep my attention while there’s green flag racing at an intermediate track, its just a tough slog.”
Dale Jr., Nascar’s most popular driver, was awoken upon receiving a text message from a friend of his in the same fantasy football league, prompting him to check his lineup for the late games in the NFL schedule.
“He sent me a joke trade request, usually that kind of stuff annoys me”, said Dale Jr., “but if it wasn’t for that, I might’ve slept through the rest of the race.  Its not like I’m having any trouble sleeping, its just, well, kinda dull on tv.  I don’t know how our fans do it.”

Earnhardt Jr. eventually took care of some bills and contracts, admitting that he had the race on as “background noise”.