Saturday, September 10, 2016

If I Were Allowed to Respond to Ryan Newman

“Well, I think the record stands for itself—you’re looking at a guy who had a dream job at Penske Racing and couldn’t work with Rusty Wallace OR Kurt Busch, so he gets a sweet gig from, oh, I dunno, TONY STEWART, but makes sure he takes a swipe at Kurt Busch’s apparent mental health issues on his way out.  Then Ryan loses his job at Stewart-Haas, and instead of being a man about it and calling out someone there for giving his ride to someone else, he lets it bubble up inside of him until TONIGHT, when he just destroys Tony Stewart on tv.  He brings up ‘anger management issues’, which is pretty funny for a guy who threatened Joey Logano to a fight in the garage.  He says that Tony Stewart is ‘bi-polar’—gee, it must be great to be a part of the Newman family, where everyone is so chemically perfect that no one ever has any mental health issues, apparently.  He says Stewart should have retired already—remind me again, which of those two is in the Chase and which is running out the string at RCR?  Oh, that reminds me, guessing Ryan’s gonna be looking for a job in 2017—hey Ryan, I hear BK Racing’s hiring.”