Thursday, September 8, 2016

Richmond “News” and Notes: Special Last Race Before The Chase Edition

—Due to a Labor Day barbecue at my Aunt’s place, I missed the Truck race on Sunday—anything exciting happen I should know about?

—For violations of the rule book, Ryan Newman has been docked 15 points, severely hampering his chance at making the Chase.

—For violations of the rule book, Kyle Larson has been docked 15 points, doing nothing.

—Y’know, a lot is coming out about Larson’s journey to Nascar, specifically how Chip Ganassi was the only one willing to sign him without sponsorship attached.  Larson joins drivers such as Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson who came to the Cup Series the same way.  With that track record of success, could Nascar team owners finally change course and start hiring drivers based solely on talent alone, investing in the future and ultimately presenting an even-better scenario for sponsors?  Haha, no way—let’s put Brian Scott in the car for another year!

—Good news—Matt Tifft is back testing again, and a return to active competition seems not that far off.  Now all he has to do is outshine those who substituted in for him while he was out—y’know, the menagerie of drivers who all managed to win in his absence.  Y’uh-oh.

—Before you go and blame the dip in Nascar tv ratings on the Chase, or football season, or the lack of Dale Jr., ask yourself this very important question: Why do you care about tv ratings in the first place?