Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ty Dillon Furious with Ryan Newman for Wrecking His Car

Almost immediately after the vicious wreck that red-flagged tonight’s race at Richmond, Ty Dillon was seen in the Nascar garage steaming mad that Ryan Newman had destroyed “his car”.
“How could he do that?  Doesn’t he know that that’s going to me MY ride next year?” Dillon was heard yelling at random RCR crew members shortly after the crash.  “This is NOT acceptable, no way, no how.”
“Doesn’t he remember what we went over in the meeting earlier with (team owner and grandfather Richard Childress) Pop-Pop?”, Dillon raged to an unidentified team employee.  “He needs to barely miss making the Chase, have a disappointing end to the season, then I get to take over next year!  This is how we’re going to do it, but NOT by wrecking cars that I will need to race in 2017!!!”
Ty Dillon had been rumored for months to have been pencilled-in for the 31 car next season, despite Newman’s decent performance pursuant to the rest of his teammates, Austin (Ty’s brother) Dillon and Paul “Save Big Money at” Menard(s).  Newman, who came within a race of winning the championship two years ago, was expected to have been released due to “lack of sponsorship”, despite current sponsors Caterpillar and Grainger staying on.
Upon seeing a tv camera nearby, Dillon quickly tried to take back what he said, upon which the cameraman was pushed away from the RCR entourage, with at least one crew member heard saying “hold my watch”.

Worried that his “gold ol boy” image would be ruined, Dillon quickly found the nearest tv.  Upon seeing that Newman had chosen the opportunity to eviscerate Tony Stewart, Dillon smiled.