Sunday, November 4, 2018

Top 10 Martin Truex Jr Excuses for Not Exacting Revenge on Joey Logano

Checking out early from today's vibrationthon--check in early to this hot rumor

10.) Going to try to beat him in Kevin Harvick’s charity softball game instead

9.) Don’t want to disappoint team owner. Well, NEW team owner, who technically hasn’t been announced yet...

8.) “Oh yeah? Well you’re just lucky my chick’s here!”

7.) Revenge is a dish best served cold—let’s see how Joey reacts when he gets punched in the back of the head in 2027!

6.) Nobody got to see the actual revenge—calls from a burner phone asking for Mike Hunt. 

5.) Every time he got to the 22’s bumper, he just, push? Yeah, that’s it—just couldn’t put the bumper to him. 

4.) Trying to uphold the good name of New Jersey’s drivers nationwide. 

3.) Seeking revenge through legal means instead—that Shell logo looks a bit too big on the hood, doesn’t it?

2.) Already challenged Joey to a battle no Logano has ever won—a beard-growing contest. 

1.) “I think we got in their heads” (to be said as the 22 crew hoists the championship trophy in Homestead.