Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Nascar Pick Challenge Winner & Postseason Preview

Well, the off-season is upon us here at Spade Racing, but do not fret!  I'll be posting previews from my book (available via!) and some long-form pieces, as well as updates on news and "news" as the situation warrants.  Be sure to check back as I try to keep up my thrice weekly schedule for the rest of the year!

Congratulations to Uncle Max on his season championship over Mystery Picker, claiming the title with five wins to Mystery’s four.  I’ll be giving Uncle Max the trophy at our annual Thanksgiving dinner—he brines a turkey, I bring a can of cranberry sauce.  Uncle Max WILL BE BACK in 2019, while Mystery Picker’s status remains up in the air.

Truck Series—4 wins

Xfinity Series—5 wins

Cup Series: MYSTERY PICKER—4 wins; UNCLE MAX—Favorite 5 wins, Next Favorite 6 wins; Dark Horse 0 wins.