Friday, May 29, 2015

Dover “News” and Notes

—A reminder that the Truck race is on TODAY (5:30pm EST to be vaguely precise), and YES there should be enough daylight to get it in, and YES it is aired live now.  And YES there is a reason to watch—no Cup guys!!!

—After punctuating his victory with a “Holy Guacamole!”, fans wait with baited breath to find out what Carl Edwards’ next sponsor-mandated celebration will be.  “We really raised the Bar-B-Que!”?  “I can’t believe we won—haha, just Rib-wich-in’ ya!”?  “Why do we have Jay Glazer as a spokesman?”?

—This is the first of four races in five weeks on Fox Sports 1, after which NBC & NBCSN take over coverage.  Sure, we’re all looking forward to it—until we remember that NBC brought us “Wally’s World”, a gigantic diecast car in the booth, and 30-second-long post-race shows (although they DID fire Bill Weber, so there’s that).

—In Xfinity news, Ty Dillon, Regan Smith, Bubba Wallace, and Daniel Suarez compete in the “Dash 4 Cash”.  Basically, the best-finishing of the four wins $100,000 and a clunky post-race interview.