Friday, May 22, 2015

Charlotte “News” and Notes

—This race used to be called the “World 600”, because in the 70’s the Southeastern US was pretty much the entire world to Nascar.

—Qualifying was already held for some reason, and Matt Kenseth is on the pole.  Could this be a resurgence for Toyota?  Well, a resurgence for Joe Gibbs Racing at least?

—Fox did a great job of getting everybody’s hopes up when they announced that Jeff Gordon was moving into the booth in 2016—then we realized that Larry Mac was the one moving down to the Hollywood Hotel.

—If you’d told me this a few months back, I wouldn’t have believed it, but yes: The Patricia Driscoll Story is getting even weirder.

—Congrats to the Nascar media for inducting a great group of people into the Hall of Fame.  And Bruton Smith.