Friday, September 5, 2014

Richmond "News" and Notes

--Finally, after two weeks, I'm back to my normal schedule--yay lack of a social life!!!

--With that being said, here's hoping that the wet weather stays away from Richmond from here on out.  A flooded garage is no fun (since Ward Burton left, there's nobody to go duck hunting with).

--Nationwide Insurance has significantly expanded its sponsorship of Dale Earnhardt Jr. (starting next year) to more than half the schedule.  This means that they are essentially replacing the National Guard, who is ending its sponsorship since it, you know, didn't work.

--Meanwhile, Stanley/DeWalt is rumored to be leaving Richard Petty Motorsports to become a sponsor of Carl Edwards' at Joe Gibbs Racing.  As a Marcos Ambrose fan, I'm irritated, but its hard to fault them for leaving--still, I'm irritated.

--Furthermore, Xfinity has officially replaced Nationwide as the sponsor of Nascar's second-tier series.  The sponsor progression sounds like the progression of a partier--beer (Budweiser), then cheap beer (Busch), then realization of responsibility (Nationwide Insurance), and finally staying in at night to watch TV (Xfinity).