Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fan Stages Sit-In Protest on Richmond Fence

"The revolution will NOT
be televised, but it WILL
be Tweeted!"
A fan was taken away by the police after committing an act of civil disobedience, saying that he was staging a "sit-in" style protest against Nascar's Chase system.
"This was all a non-violent protest in the mold of some of the great thinkers of our world", the fan (who did not give his name) said upon being led away in handcuffs.  "When the fan's voice is not being heard, then it must be seen, no matter how strange it may appear."
Despite the strangeness of the protest, the anonymous fan had an explanation for his actions.
"I'm on the fence because the sport has been 'on the fence' between giving hardcore fans what they want, or giving casual mainstream fans what they want.", the fan explained.  "I climbed up so high, because it'll be a long fall down for this sport if they don't get their acts together soon.  And I went shirtless because I wished to not affiliate with any one specific driver--I am the every-fan, I am the Junior fan, the Gordon fan, every fan of every driver."
The fan's protest appeared to have little impact on those in the stands, although upon hearing about it, race-winner Brad Keselowski did comment on it.
"Really, we had a guy sitting up on the fence?", Keselowski said in Victory Lane.  "Huh.  That's a first.  Y'see, this is why we always say 'Please enjoy Miller Lite responsibly' at the end of our commercials."
A Nascar official said that, while they will reevaluate its security protocols, it WAS the most-exciting thing that happened all night.