Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dover "News" and Notes: Early Edition

--A slight change in the usual schedule this week, as I will be a guest at Claire B. Lang's "Dialed In" SiriusXM radio show tomorrow at 7pm--I'll be in the highly-selective position of "Audience Member #73".

--Kurt Busch is celebrating his 500th career Cup start this Sunday.  Everybody on the planet, however, could care less.

--Didja hear that Timmy Hill's hometown wanted to sponsor him, but they had to pull out?  Yep, Nascar still outlaws (Port) Tobacco sponsorships.

--Dover has the ability to completely change the Chase layout, with first eliminations coming after the race.  Don't scoff--this is the same track that crumbled in the spring, which track officials fixed by having an old guy in an Earl Weaver t-shirt stare at it for an hour.

--The Truck Series runs at Las Vegas Saturday night, despite there being no support races around it (nor any other bigger races the next day).  Furthermore, the race will air beginning at 10pm EST.  No help, no exposure, late start times…heck, the Truck Series is becoming IndyCar!