Friday, September 19, 2014

New Hampshire "News" and Notes

--Well, the other shoe fell in the breakup of the RPM #9 team.  Just days after Marcos Ambrose confirmed that he will be leaving the team to go back to Australia, Stanley/DeWalt confirmed that THEY will be moving to Joe Gibbs Racing in 2015.  DeWalt will be partnering with Matt Kenseth, since they've partnered with him in the past, and Stanley will be partnering with Carl Edwards, since he's a tool.

--I don't know how or why, but NHMS has become THE PLACE for drivers to make one-off appearances.  Case-in-point--Corey Lajoie, who'll be, um, "competing" for Randy Humphrey.

--The Motorsports Group (aka That Nationwide Team with all the "40" numbered cars) has said that they will move up to Cup next year.  Over-under on when the team goes out of business is spring Dover.

--With the Nationwide Series running at Kentucky Speedway this weekend, people are wondering what will be more-surprising: A race without Cup regulars, or the fact that a race in Kentucky is called the 300.

--(Channelling David Spade, circa "Hollywood Minute")  So, that new Derek Jeter commercial has everybody talking.  I especially liked the use of Frank Sinatra's version of "My Way"…WHEN IT WAS USED FOR ALAN KULWICKI.