Monday, September 15, 2014

Nascar's First Free-Agent Fan

That's me!

As some of you may know, while I follow the entire sport of Nascar (even JJ Yeley), my personal favorite driver has been Marcos Ambrose, following in a not-so-distinguished line of drivers (Kyle Petty, Penske-era Ryan Newman).  Alas, Marcos has announced that he will be leaving Nascar at the end of this season to return to Australia.

First off, good vibes and good thanks to Marcos for providing me with four great years of racing.  While there weren't quite as many wins as anybody would have liked, you* were a class act and a great driver.
(*--I'm actually assuming that Marcos is reading this, because I am that delusional)

But who will be my NEW favorite driver?  It's pretty wide-open, since I have no particular ties to any make of car, and other than an affinity for the Pettys, I don't have a particular favorite team owner.  So who will I pick?

Well, that all depends on who makes the best offer.

As of immediately, I am declaring myself a Free-Agent Nascar Fan for the 2015 season.

I will offer up my cheering services, my sponsor-support, and endless supply of Derrike Cope jokes to whichever driver and/or team makes the best case to me.  By offer, it could be something grand, or something as simple as a personalized response.  Here's the message that I will be sending out via email and postal mail (because deep-down, I'm just a 90-year-old) this week:
Dear (driver/team),
My name is Mike Mackler, and I am a (mostly)-lifelong Nascar fan.  Up until the end of this season, I have been a Marcos Ambrose fan.  Alas, he is headed back to Australia, leaving me without a driver.
This is where YOU come in.
I am trying to determine which driver to root for in 2015, and have declared my "Free-Agency" as a Nascar fan.
So--why should I be a fan of (driver/team)?
Please let me know either via email or postal-mail (the address for my pathetic apartment would be listed below)
Thank you, and good luck finishing out the 2014 season!
--Mike Mackler

I don't have many "stipulations" for which driver I choose, other than they must be a full-time Cup driver not named "Busch".

Let's see what happens--I'm a free-agent!!!