Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Spade Racing Movie Previews: Fall Transitional Edition

We’re between the summer blockbuster and winter prestige seasons for movies.  As a result, there’s plenty of oddball films coming out to distract the public from the stresses of everyday life in Hollywood.  Here’s a few coming out soon with a Nascar theme to them:

Wonderstruck—A race fan is rendered unable to complain about Nascar and is stunned to see how much more enjoyable things are.

The Snowman—New Hampshire prepares to have its race date moved to November.  Again.

Geostorm—Dale Earnhardt Jr. tells the story of his first passenger car.

Only the Brave—Non-race fans react to seeing pit crew members get hit by cars.

Dealt—Inside Nascar’s plans to adapt to a world without Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, Brian Scott, Carl Edwards, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. on the track.

The Work—some guy your uncle knows who used to work with Richard Childress’s plumber explains how Nascar fixes every race.