Sunday, October 29, 2017

Denny Hamlin Earns Tryouts with NFL Teams as Punter

Mere moments after today’s First Data 500 concluded in Martinsville, driver Denny Hamlin found a number of job offers coming in from a unique group—NFL teams searching for new punters.
“I know that the NFL focuses on every phase of the game, and the focus on Special Teams is bigger than ever”, Hamlin said upon exiting hims car.  “But I guess they’ve seen what I can do on the track and want to see it translate over to the football world.
“I’ve never thought of myself as much of a punter”, Hamlin explained, “but after today, I guess people have seen what I can do.”
Hamlin has received varying degrees of interest from almost every NFL team, save for the Atlanta Falcons.  He’s also reportedly been contacted by several new possible sponsors, including varying plowing services and bumper car providers.
“I might just have a second career after today”, Hamlin said.  “Heck, even Chase Elliott wanted to tell me about how great I am at punting.  Nascar will always be my top focus, but as my mentor Michael Jordan has shown me, you can pursue two sports in your career.  And always focus on winning to the exclusion of everything else.”

For his part, Chase Elliott was heard complaining that Hamlin had ruined his chance to finish runner-up again.