Sunday, April 2, 2017

Exciting Race Startles Fans

Nascar fans worldwide were shocked today to witness something they hadn’t seen in what seemed like months—an exciting race.
“Wow, that was actually really good!”, said occasional race watcher Tina Jones.  “I’d stayed away from most of the races because of that stupid stage racing thing they put in, but you know what—it wasn’t that bad.  All-in-all, I’m glad I saw it today, reminds me why I became a fan in the first place!”
Numerous fans were seen on social media expressing their shock that Nascar could still put on an entertaining, competitive race in the modern era.
“Did U C the race today?  Awesome!”, said admitted Nascar novice Patrick Matthews on Twitter.  “Cars were beat n banging all over, close all day long! Gotta watch this stuff!”
Nascar has dealt with numerous PR black-eyes lately, from sagging tv ratings to an aging fan base filled with angry hardcore supporters.  However, it seems that the sport is making headway and might be working its way out of a years-long slump.
“Today’s race was an example of what Nascar is all about”, said Nascar chairman Brian France from his offices in Daytona Beach.  “This goes to show that we can provide an entertaining product to our stakeholders, viewers, and fans, so long as we’re able to do so.”

Experts unanimously agreed that said progress will be lost after next weekend’s race at Texas.