Friday, April 21, 2017

Uncle Max: Bristol Weekend Picks

Weekly picks from Spade Racing’s writer/webmaster/janitor Mike Mackler’s uncle.

Another Easter is in the books.  Its never been much of a holiday for me—I’m not that religious, in fact nobody in my family is except for my ex-wife.  So I usually wind up working to get some of that sweet sweet holiday pay.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get a few favors in for the boss.
Meanwhile, its also NBA playoff time.  I usually run a playoff pool with some guys I know from college and a few co-workers, but its getting harder to find pro-basketball fans these days.  I don’t get it—if the NBA is this crazy-hot sports media property, where are the fans?  Meanwhile I know at least two other Nascar fans (my nephew Mike and Jerry the store receiver), so why is THAT sport said to be “dying”?  Doesn’t make sense to me.  I’ll still watch just to see how my picks do, and to see what team Kevin Garnett is on this year.
Anyways, here’s my picks for the upcoming race weekend at Bristol (total wins in parenthesis):

Xfinity Series Fitzgerald Glider Kits 300 (2 wins): Erik Jones—with his boss not running, its hard to pick against his protege.

Cup Series Food City 500:  FAVORITE (1 win)—Kyle Busch—picking him again because hey—it’s Bristol, baby.  NEXT FAVORITE (1 win)—Kevin Harvick—AND there could be rain again this weekend.  DARK HORSE—Ricky Stenhouse Jr.—he always seems to run well there anyways.