Sunday, April 9, 2017

Idiot Claims Jimmie Johnson’s Texas Win was Rigged

Longtime Nascar fan Willie Chester wasted little time going onto various message boards and chat rooms after today’s O’Reilly Auto Parts 500, claiming that the win by Jimmie Johnson was fixed by Nascar itself.  Chester is also, according to simple logic, an idiot for making such spurious claims.
Chester claims to have "good info"
that this man is responsible for the 48's
unfair advantage
“Its a damn shame that Nascar gets away with stuff like this, giving another win to the 48 car!”, Chester was heard yelling to nobody in particular in his townhouse.  “Stuff like this happens every week and everybody just goes along with it—damn Nascar!”.  Chester continued to rant despite the fact that allowing Johnson to win benefits Nascar in no way, and in fact hurts the sport somewhat given Johnson’s lack of fan appeal.
“(Johnson) spun out on Friday to let the Hendrick guys get through tech, and now this!”, Chester posted on a Nascar message board, conveniently ignoring that he was agreeing with Kyle Busch, a driver he’s described as “a little snot” on more than one occasion.  “Then he flat-spots his tires and Nascar just let him replace them, can’t say I’m surprised by that!”, Chester used to finish his online screed, ignoring that such a change forced him to start from the back of the pack.
“Seven championships, all because of Nascar putting in the Chase system to a robot like Jimmie can do it”, Chester was seen typing on Facebook, completely ignoring that if Nascar wanted to awaken from its years-long slump, it would “fix” races so that more popular drivers would win.  “He’s not a real man like Richard Petty or Dale Earnhardt Sr.”, conveniently forgetting the irony of how fans of those eras bashed Petty and Earnhardt for manufacturer favoritism and Nascar arranging a ride for him, respectively.

Chester finished up an afternoon of tone-deaf complaining by posting on Twitter that, “There is no WAY I will be watching Nascar next weekend.”