Friday, February 17, 2017

Spade Racing’s 2017 Cup Series Preview, The Stock (Car) Report: Part 1, The Playoff Drivers

It’s a pivotal year for the newly-renamed Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series—a new title sponsor, plenty of movement between drivers and teams, and concerns about the future viability of the sport means that 2017 could go down as a make-or-break year going forward.  But who should you invest in going forward?  Who’s the best for the long-term and short-term for YOUR racing portfolio?
That’s where Spade Racing comes in!
Take at look at The Stock (Car) Report and decide where YOU should put your hard-earned money for 2017.
(Consult with a racing expert before making any investments.  Investments should not be made solely based on one weirdo from Delaware’s opinion.)
Listed in order of predicted REGULAR SEASON finish—full time drivers/teams only:

# Driver Team—Top Sponsor(s) (Ticker Symbol)—prediction (*--Rookie)
1. 11 Denny Hamlin Joe Gibbs Racing—FedEx (HAM)—A definite blue-chipper, but they’ve had trouble breaking-through to make the true tops of the racing financial world.  ADVICE: Stick with short-term, watch for vulnerability to injury.

2. 22 Joey Logano Team Penske—Pennzoil, AAA (JOJO)—Disappointing a decade ago, now a cash-cow for anyone who doesn’t mind a few fights along the way.  ADVICE: Keep it, this might be a breakthrough year if he can bust out of his teammate/corporate-cousin’s shadow.

3. 78 Martin Truex Jr. Furniture Row Racing—Furniture Row, Bass Pro Shops (MTJNJ)—Hard to figure this one out, as he’s one of the top-performing stocks out there, yet he continues to give negative outlooks on the immediate future.  ADVICE: Keep it short-term, especially if you don’t expect their latest acquisition to drag down earnings.

4. 18 Kyle Busch Joe Gibbs Racing—M&M’s, Interstate Batteries (ROWDY)—People have shied away from this volatile stock due to concerns about the main actor at the company, but if you’re ok with some drama mixed in with your winning, hang on for a wild ride.  ADVICE: Hold on tight, it’s gonna be another bumpy ride.

5. 24 Chase Elliott Hendrick Motorsports—Napa, 3M (AWSOM)—A big winner in the growth-stock category last year, even though it faded considerably near the end of the earnings period.  ADVICE: Short term and long term look great, even if the medium term might be a bit rough.

6. 20 Matt Kenseth Joe Gibbs Racing—DeWalt, ??? (CHEEZ)—A solid performer for years now, though the lack of support from the sponsorship sector is a bit disconcerting.  ADVICE: Keep it, but be prepared to sell once retirement rumors flare up again.

7. 41 Kurt Busch Stewart-Haas Racing—Monster, Haas (KURT)—You’d think that the pairing of a chairman/team-owner who spent time in jail and a driver/CEO who was an assassination target wouldn’t perform, but you’d be wrong.  ADVICE: Short term?  Hold it.  Long term?  Wait and see.

8. 48 Jimmie Johnson Hendrick Motorsports—Lowe’s, Kobalt (SEVN)—Will they be able to perform after setting such high earnings predictions for 2017?  With Chief Strategy Officer Chad Knaus at the helm, almost certainly.  ADVICE: Hold on for dear life to this blue (and sometimes black) chipper.

9. 2 Brad Keselowski Team Penske—Miller Lite, Alliance (BKES)—Selloffs of this one are always a factor every time the driver/CEO opens his mouth, so keep that in mind.  ADVICE: Keep it, but know what you’re getting into.

*10. 19 Daniel Suarez Joe Gibbs Racing—Arris, Subway (MEX)—A last-minute IPO stunned the sports financial world, as did the sudden bankruptcy filing of Carl Edwards (FLIP).  Look for this import specialist to turn a few heads this year.  ADVICE: Buy in now before its too late!

11. 31 Ryan Newman Richard Childress Racing—Caterpillar, Grainger (FLYIN)—While it doesn’t have any high performances, steady as she goes for this one.  ADVICE: Cautiously hold on, as upper-management has been reluctant to show support to non-family members.

12. 4 Kevin Harvick Stewart-Haas Racing—Busch Beer, Jimmy John’s (HAPPY)—Changes in the management structure at SHR could have this team falling back a bit, but never doubt their performance in Q4 earnings.  ADVICE: Hold on, especially if you can deal with occasional dips in the spring.

13. 88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Hendrick Motorsports—Nationwide, Axalta (JR)—Last year’s biggest crash-stock returns, hopefully with improved performance.  Experts wait to see the results of the recent merger with AmyCo shakes out.  ADVICE: Consider selling unless you want to gamble.

14. 42 Kyle Larson Chip Ganassi Racing—Target, Credit One (ELK)—Stocks went up last year after finally breaking through, but concerns about proper support from the higher-ups could make for a volatile 2017.  ADVICE: Keep it for sure, especially if the possibility of a move to more-favorable quarters comes into play.

15. 21 Ryan Blaney Wood Brothers Racing—Motorcraft, Quick Lane (OHIO)—Last year showed promise after a big IPO, but a complicated ownership structure might continue to hold this growth stock back.  ADVICE: Buy if you will, hold on if you can, wait for a buyout for sure.

16. 14 Clint Bowyer Stewart-Haas Racing—Mobil 1, Rush (GOBOY)—Wholesale changes in management, funding, and even location should mean a turnaround for this most-volatile performer.  ADVICE: Consider selling if you don’t want to deal with uncertainty.