Sunday, February 26, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Kyle Busch Admits He Was Doing a Burnout To Celebrate Winning Stage

After a few questions of interrogation following his interview with Jamie Little, Nascar driver Kyle Busch admitted that his “spin-out” on track was not an accident.  Instead, he was doing a belated celebratory “burn-out” to commemorate winning the first stage in the Daytona 500.
“Really, I was just so excited to get that stage win”, Busch admitted in an exclusive interview with Spade Racing.  “To be able to win the first-ever stage in the Cup Series, that really means a lot to me.  I was so jacked-up about it that I just couldn’t wait until after the race to start celebrating.”
Busch had previously admitted to such odd career goals as winning 200 touring series races and smashing a priceless trophy-guitar.  This is just another of his strangely specific racing accomplishments.
“Whether its becoming the first driver to win a championship with an injury waiver, or being the guy Hendrick Motorsports didn’t choose over Casey Mears, all my career goals are my own—mine.  Whatever it takes to accomplish them, I will do.”
Busch was seen being handed a “First Ever Stage Win” flag during his most-recent pit stop, and seemed incensed that he was unable to celebrate properly.

“These Goodyear tires, they just don’t hold air”, Busch said, “when you’re trying to go around at 180 mph.  They really need to get on that.”