Friday, May 13, 2016

Dover “News” and Notes

—Well, after a surprisingly drama-filled Cup race at Kansas, it’s time for Nascar’s stars to take to one of Nascar’s most demanding tracks, Dover.  Unless it rains.

—No, I have no idea what’s going on with Eli Gold.

—Ryan Newman’s future appears to be up in the air, with his RCR contract set to run out after this season.  Now in most situations a good finish to your year would lock-in your chances at your current team for the future, but this is RCR—if your name ain’t “Dillon” and your daddy ain’t rich, its time to walk.

—Baseless rumors (are there any other kind?) have Kyle Larson reportedly moving into the 5 car next year, with Kasey Kahne running out his Hendrick contract in the dreaded #15 for HScott.  While it wouldn’t COMPLETELY surprise me to see this happen, I’d be less-surprised to find out that the rumors were from internet users ELK_GROVE, Driver42, & HighLineRyda.