Friday, February 19, 2016

Daytona “News” and Notes


—New for this year—click the “2016 Master Motorsports Schedule” tab to see a printable/bookmarkable graphic of every race in six major series (Cup, Xfinity, Trucks, ARCA, IndyCar, F1), as well as when and where they air on TV.
I really think this is Gary Bradberry's year

—Irony is defined as when announcers have to constantly talk about how Rico Abreu is a great Midget Racer, and it’s in no way offensive (unless you think Abreu is overrated in sprint cars somehow).

—I don’t know what’s odder—ARCA going seven weeks between its first and second races, or the Truck Series having two races back-to-back, then going on a four-week break.

—With the new Charter System in place in Cup, the Past Champion’s Provisional (aka The DW Memorial Starting Spot) has been abolished.  I guess they could’ve gotten rid of it in Xfinity too, but they didn’t want the guilt of knowingly putting Jeff Green out of a job/relevance.

—The Sprint Unlimited Demolition Derby had a pleasant surprise in Jeff Gordon’s broadcasting, which was witty and insightful and in no way overbearing.  Meanwhile, the best thing that could be said about Darrell Waltrip’s performance was that his hair looked like Ronald McDonald’s.