Friday, February 26, 2016

Atlanta “News” and Notes

The Braves' Turner Field during a recent
playoff game.
—Now that the extended qualifying and restricted-motor madness of Daytona is gone, it’s time to get back to REAL racing.
—Yeah, Atlanta has the post-Daytona, pre-West-Coast-Swing “weekend of death” that killed Rockingham, but its worth pointing out that the change in dates was approved by Bruton Smith.  Don’t try to understand Bruton Smith.
—Yes, Stewart-Haas Racing IS switching to Ford next year, but it remains unknown if any Ford teams will be “squeezed out” and migrate to Chevy or Toyota.  Jack Roush’s business dealings are so intertwined with Ford that he’s probably ruled out (as are the Wood Bros., due to history), so that leaves RPM or Front Row Motorsports.  Either would fit in at Chevy (possibly in an “equal-footing” alliance with RCR), or could move to Toyota, although RPM going to Toyota might result in record-low temperatures in Hell.
—Nascar knows how to court the youth demographic—Eddie Money at Kanasa!

—After missing last weekend, JJ Yeley is back in the Xfinity Series with Tri-Star Motorsports for yeah that sounds about right.