Friday, March 20, 2015

California/Auto Club/Fontana/Whatever “News” and Notes

Stanton Barrett, who is taking time out
from the filming of "Navy Seals vs.
Zombies" to run this weekend's
Xfinity race.  No, really.
—Some disappointing news—Brian Vickers is out of the 55 car again due to a recurrence of blood clots (or, more-specifically, the blood thinners he is on because of blood clots).  To quote Hulk Hogan, “…if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything”, although I’m sure there were about four “BROTHER”s in that quote.

—Brett Moffitt will be back in the 55 in place of Brian Vickers this weekend, and (in theory) for the foreseeable future until Vickers is able to return.  His performance earlier this year proves that Moffitt has the talent (and toffitt) to race in Cup, but does he have what a driver really needs to succeed at Michael Waltrip Racing—the ability to act stiffly in dumb commercials?

—Roush Fenway Xfinity Series driver Chris Buescher will substitute in the 34 car for Moffitt, who had been subbing in for David Ragan, who is currently subbing in for Kyle Busch.  I haven’t seen this many substitutes since all the teachers at my elementary school got the flu.

—In a speech to the Detroit Economic Club in Dearborn, Michigan, Brian France admitted that the Gen-5 “Car of Tomorrow” was a flop, an—wait a minute:  The Detroit Economic Club doesn’t meet in Detroit?!?