Friday, August 10, 2012

Watkins Glen "News" and Notes

--If someone handed ME a pill, I think I'd throw it away, then wash my hands for a good minute, then make sure they emptied the garbage where I threw it away.
--Could David Reutimann wind up at JTG Daughtery Racing next year?  Well, it all depends on how well he can haul the mail.
--Greg Biffle LOOKS like Nicolas Cage, but can he act CRAZY like Nicolas Cage?  Because if he can, Boris Said might just keep his distance.
--Good news!  No French-Canadian has-beens in the Nationwide race this weekend.
--If anyone tries to block in front of Tony Stewart this weekend, he might wind up giving them the "Middle Finger Lake".
--Well, Dodge is gone.  But at least we didn't lose another American-owned manufacturer.