Friday, August 31, 2012

Atlanta "News" and Notes

--People rag on Dale Jr. for not winning enough but still getting top-line sponsors and rides, but they're silent on Martin Truex Jr.  Um, why?
--Billy Ballew Motorsports returns to the Truck Series this weekend.  *INSERT "BEAR NECESSITIES" JOKE HERE*
--I'm starting to think that the tracks should just hire a military member to sing or play the National Anthem--that way we can avoid disasters like the Truck Race's anthem this weekend.
--Seriously, when Nascar plays its "Some sports let their younger prospects develop gradually" commercial, why the HECK do they show Elliott Sadler?
--Forgive me Richard Petty, for I have sinned--I've never taken Goody's Headache Powders in my life.
--To honor Labor Day, Mike Bliss will NOT be running Sunday Night.