Friday, August 17, 2012

Michigan "News" and Notes

--If I told you last year that, in 2012, Joey Logano would be the most-coveted free agent in Nascar, would you believe me?
--Has there ever been a less-congruent sponsor/driver relationship than Carl Edwards and Geek Squad?
--The Nationwide Series runs this weekend in Montreal on a "park-course" on an island in a lake.  Its just like the IndyCar race on Belle Isle, except people like it and its somewhat successful.
--Kid Rock is the Grand Marshall of the Cup race.  Place your bets on if he'll look drunk, high, hung-over, or all three.
--Thanks to the release of Jason Leffler, Kurt Busch will make his unwelcome return to the Truck Series on Saturday.
--I kind of expect Jeff Burton to show up behind someone in an on-air interview holding a sign that says "Hey, I haven't retired yet".