Sunday, August 5, 2012

Todd Bodine Blames Cup Series Wreck on Nelson Piquet Jr.

Though it appeared to be a loose 48 car that brought out the final caution of today's Pocono race, Truck Series driver Todd "The Onion" Bodine placed the blame squarely on fellow Truck driver Nelson Piquet Jr.
"Jimmie Johnson's a great, great driver--the second-best to ever run for Herzog Motorsports--but for some reason he decided to run like that idiot, Nelson Piquet Jr.", Bodine told nobody in particular.  "I have no idea why anybody would listen to that dolt, unless they want to know how to wreck a beloved unsponsored veteran like myself."
While Johnson and Kenseth were unavailable for comment, Bodine explained that, "…if Jimmie (Johnson) was here right now, I'm sure he'd be saying, 'Wow, I shouldn't have listened to that Piquet guy.  What was I thinking?', and Matt (Kenseth) would be saying, 'Yeah, Jimmie, what WERE you thinking?  I never listen to that Piquet guy, I only listen to guys from Upstate New York.'"
Bodine, who gave no reason for remaining at the track the day after his race, also placed several other maladies on Nelson Piquet Jr's shoulders, including the rain at the track, the sluggish economy, and Bodine's own baldness.
"Look at me--I'm a multiple-time champion in this (Truck) Series", Bodine continued, "and I don't even have a sponsor?  Why don't any of these stupid companies want to sponsor me?  I deserve respect!  These stupid drivers should realize how smart I am!  This is all Piquet's fault!!!"
In a related story, Brett Bodine joked about getting bonus points for leading the most laps for the 26th consecutive race.