Sunday, October 28, 2018

Timmy Hill Exploring Nickname Possibilities

Journeyman Nascar driver Timmy Hill has recently confirmed that he is considering adopting one of a number of potential nicknames, apparently in an attempt to increase his marketability and raise his public profile.
“All the Nascar greats have nicknames—‘The King’ Richard Petty, ‘The Silver Fox’ David Pearson, ‘Rainbow Warrior’ Jeff Gordon.  Well, maybe a cool nickname is all that’s missing from adding MY name to that illustrious list.  ‘Illustrious’—did I use that word right?”
Hill explained that he’s been hard at work exploring possibilities for a nickname, many of them focusing on his given name.
“I love my family, but let’s be honest—‘Timmy Hill’ doesn’t exactly strike fear in the hearts of other drivers, does it?”, Hill said.  “So if more racers knew me as, say, Timmy ‘The Thrill’ Hill, they might think twice about blocking me when we’re battling for 32nd place.”
Hill released the following list of names he’s said are ‘On the shortlist’ to be adopted:
Timmy ‘The Thrill’ Hill
Timmy ‘King of The’ Hill
“Hill Power”
“The Hilleon”
“The Timm Reaper”
Timmy ‘Gimme a’ Hill ‘Yeah’
Hill stated that while those names are his finalists, he’s also considering a few others “…a bit more out of left field”.
“I kinda like Timmy ‘Wood Chopper’ Hill ‘Topper’, but I think that might be a bit too long.  Also, I’d love to go with ‘The InTIMMYdator’ but I think there could be some copyright issues with that one.”
Hill said that he plans to announce his new nickname the morning of the season finale race at Homestead.  He also said that he plans to announce his plans for racing in 2019 the morning of the first points race of the year at Daytona.