Thursday, October 25, 2018

Nascar Pick Challenge: Uncle Max vs. Mystery Picker—Martinsville

As we close in on the end of the season, I’ll ask it again—WHO THE HECK IS MYSTERY PICKER?
My nephew won’t tell me a single thing about him (or her), only to say that Mystery has some sort of “system” that (s)he swears by.  Well what kind of system is it?  And what kind of system picks Erik freaking Jones to win at Martinsville?!?  I mean, some of the picks Mystery’s made are solid, but some seem to really be as random as can be.
And with all that being said—how can Mystery have as many correct picks as me?  I mean, I do my research.  I look at the trends.  I apply my gambling expertise.  And the only advantage Mystery has over me is that they get to pick first.
WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!?

Truck Series Texas Roadhouse 200 (3 wins)—Todd Gilliland: Really, Texas Roadhouse?  You couldn’t wait just one more week to sponsor a race at, y’know, TEXAS?

Cup Series First Data 500—MYSTERY PICKER (4 wins) PICKS Erik Jones.  Favorite (4 wins): Kyle Busch—Sticking with Rowdy this week.  Next Favorite (5 wins): Kevin Harvick—another member of the Big Three triumphs.  Dark Horse: Jimmie Johnson—why?  Because Martinsville.