Friday, July 28, 2017

Uncle Max: Pocono/Iowa Weekend Picks

Weekly picks from Spade Racing’s writer/webmaster/janitor Mike Mackler’s uncle.

NOTE: Uncle Max is on vacation this week.  He made these picks before he left on Sunday morning.

Nascar, what is your OBSESSION with starting races late in the day?  I mean, here I am, wanting to watch your Cup race at Indy, and I can’t because I need to be on the road by 4pm this afternoon.  The NFL never does this—they have plenty of 1pm ET games for people to watch.
And the worst thing is, (last Sunday’s) a good example of what can go wrong—now they’re calling for rain this afternoon.  Hey Nascar—west coast fans don’t rule everything.  Heck, I have buddies who live in Nevada and they LOVE doing “football brunch” at their sports bar.  Oh well, at least I can count on (last Sunday’s) race being a dull affair without anyone winning for the first time in years, right?
Anyways, here’s my picks for the upcoming race weekend at Pocono and Iowa (total wins in parenthesis):

Truck Series Overton’s 150 (3 wins)—Kyle Busch—this should soothe his disappointment at not being able to run Xfinity this weekend.

Xfinity Series US Cellular 250 (6 wins)—Brandon Jones—one of the RCR young’uns makes a case for getting a Cup ride sooner rather than later.

Cup Series Overton’s 400:  FAVORITE (3 wins)—Martin Truex Jr.—if a JGR driver wins after I finally stop picking them, I’m gonna bash my head through a wall.  NEXT FAVORITE (1 win)—Ryan Blaney—win 100 for the Wood Bros, too.  DARK HORSE—Dale Earnhardt Jr.—throwing the Cha—er, Playoffs into further disarray.