Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Mystery of The Magic Mile

One of the great things about living in the internet age is that you can find out virtually anything with a few clicks or keystrokes.  With that being said, there’s still a few mysteries out there in the Nascar realm, one of the biggest of which being Why is New Hampshire Motor Speedway Called “The Magic Mile”?  The “Mile” part is pretty self-explanatory (even if it IS slightly over a mile long), but what about the “Magic” part?  I mean, Dover’s mile is monstrous due to its strain on drivers, Indianapolis used to be a yard of bricks, so where does NHIS get off with calling itself magic?  Well, to get the answers, I went straight to the source.  Here now is my exclusive interview with New Hampshire Motor Speedway:

“Thanks Mike.  I don’t get many chances to speak my mind, mostly because I’m a non-sentient racing complex, but I wanted to answer your question.  You see, when I was a young, impressionable race track, I was pretty nice to everyone, and I got rewarded with a Cup Series race date.  But that’s all I got, and I wanted more.  I knew that to get the folks in Daytona to pay attention to me, I’d have to pull off a stunt so grandiose, so awe-inspiring, that it would be MAGICAL.  So I studied, learning up on the black (asphalt) arts, until I was ready.  That’s when I performed my most-amazing trick ever, by making North Wilkesboro Speedway’s racing dates DISAPPEAR.  Sure I needed a little help from my buddy Texas Motor Speedway (I’ve since married into his family, oddly enough), but I made my point.”

Thanks, NHIS.  Next time, part two of our interview, in which we find out NHIS’s plans for Bruton Smith after taking away their 2nd race weekend in 2018--wait, no, that hole in the track pretty much explained that.