Thursday, July 6, 2017

Uncle Max: Kentucky Weekend Picks

Weekly picks from Spade Racing’s writer/webmaster/janitor Mike Mackler’s uncle.

Yeesh—what the heck happened at Daytona in the Cup race?  No, seriously—I got called in to work Saturday night because the other assistant manager quit for 24 hours so I had to miss the race.  I zonked out as soon as I got home but I caught the results the next day—dang near everyone wrecked!  Apparently this is because of “restrictor plates”, things they put in the engines to keep them from going too fast.
Now, I guess I can see why they don’t want cars going so fast that they fly into the stands.  But why not use them in other sports?  Think about it—something that stops a running back from running better than a 4.5 40-yard dash.  Something to limit a pitcher’s fastball to 95mph.  Something that stops your idiot so-called “friends” from signing up for your street-hockey team, then having them back out at the last minute to get high with your ex-girlfriend.  What?  It was 12 years ago—I’m not bitter.
Anyways, here’s my picks for the upcoming race weekend at Kentucky (total wins in parenthesis):

Truck Series Buckle In Your Truck 225 (3 wins)—Kyle Busch—come on, he’s gonna dominate this (no jinx!)

Xfinity Series Alsco 300 (5 wins)—Joey Logano—someday someone can explain to me why its a big deal when Penske hasn’t won an Xfinity race at whatever random track.

Quaker State 400:  FAVORITE (3 wins)—Kyle Busch—and watch them make a big deal about him “bouncing back” from not winning the day before.  NEXT FAVORITE (1 win)—Brad Keselowski—you can see this as a fuel mileage race, can’t you?  DARK HORSE—Daniel Suarez—and the Ch—er, Playoffs goes haywire!