Friday, January 13, 2017

Spade Racing’s 2016 Silent But Deadly Game Tournament FINALS

For years Nascar fans have been saying that the “Chase for the Cup” is not a valid way to determine the best driver in Nascar’s top series.  How, then, can we find out who truly is “the best of the best” in stock car racing?
That’s where Spade Racing comes in.
Taking inspiration from the WWF/E’s 1998 Survivor Series “Deadly Game” tournament to crown a new champion, we at Spade Racing have assembled the 15 greatest drivers in Nascar (…and Chris Buescher) in a secret underground fighting tournament to determine who really IS the best.
And now, here it is, the Spade Racing Silent But Deadly Game Tournament!

5. Joey Logano vs. 6. Jimmie Johnson vs. 10. Carl Edwards
RECAP: The Triple Threat saw the heel Joey Logano go after the face Carl Edwards shortly after the bell rang, only for the tweener Jimmie Johnson to begin striking the both of them to the delight of the crowd.  Edwards attempted to put Logano into an armbar, but the sinewy superstar was able to counter, attempting to set-up for a Pennzoil Plunge.  However, Jimmie Johnson quickly interfered with his new finishing move, the vicious double-armed “Lowes Blow”.  With the crowd raging in Johnson’s favor, he delivered another Lowes Blow to Edwards, then, seeing both of his opponents felled, pinned both for the 1-2-3 and the win.  With that, Jimmie Johnson became the first-ever Silent But Deadly Game Tournament Champion, earning the belt, the honor, and for the first time since he signed with Hendrick Motorsports, the love of the fans.  WINNER: Johnson, 7:59, double-PIN.