Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Hey NASCAR fans--are you depressed about the future of your sport? Are you angry that it's become more gimmicky than a three-ring circus? Are you desperately looking for something--ANYTHING--to keep following a sport that's sinking further into segmented races and the disaster that is the Chase?
Use in moderation

Well, now you've found it. 

Denial!  That's right, Denial. Denial is a proven system to help you deal with a racing world that seems to be completely falling apart. By applying Denial to your racing fandom, you'll be able to deal with anything, anytime, any points system. 
See a phantom debris caution thrown just before Danica goes a lap down? With Denial you'll see a huge chunk of a race car sitting in Turn 2, even if Fox doesn't. 

Carl Edwards retires just before NASCAR introduces its latest gimmickry intended to make "drivers race hard every lap"? Denial will have you reassured that he really DID just want to enjoy the good life in rural Missouri. 
More races airing on FS2 and CNBC? Thanks to Denial you'll know it's just a courtesy to let you see more call-response ads featuring Brett Favre. 

Just look at what Denial has done for those in the racing community already!

"When you're this deep into fandom, you know you're either trapped following a joke or giving up something you've dedicated years to. Or so I thought--with Denial, I know that things are only going to get better, the new series sponsorship is long-term, and my latest innovation for my website will be a great success, and NOT just another way to avoid social interaction!" --Mike (Wilmington, DE)

"With Denial, I know that I'm not a one-hit wonder on a sinking ship of a team--I have a shot to make the Chase by having the right strategy to finish strong in the early segments!" --Trevor (Concord, NC)

"Hey, that stuff was great, but I can't do that anymore, now that I'm in the corporate world. But man, how I long for those nights, dollar-bill rolled-up, arm candy chopping it up just right--wait, what? What's Denial?" --Brian (Daytona, FL)

Don't delay--get Denial today!