Monday, January 16, 2017

Carl Edwards Returns to Substitute Teaching

Mere days after leaving Nascar to pursue other interests, former driver Carl Edwards have revealed those interests to be his primary source of income from his pre-racing days: working as a substitute teacher in the Columbia, Missouri school system.
“The racing world was great to me and my family, there’s no denying that.  But I always wanted to get back to my true passion—executing prepared lesson-plans for regular teachers who have called out sick for the day”, Edwards said upon revealing his new mode of employment.  “That’s why I reactivated my employment within the school system and will be officially ready for work as of tomorrow.”
By virtue of his lengthy sabbatical, Edwards immediately drops to the bottom of the “totem pole” in terms of choice positions.  However, he remains hopeful that he’ll be able to be working steadily by the end of the month.
“I have experience, both real-world and teaching-wise, so I have a lot of offer the kids”, Edwards said.   “I realize that I won’t get the choice assignments right away, but I’m really hoping for one of those social studies courses in middle school, there’s gotta be a LOT to talk about right now.”
Edwards was rehired upon showing he had reliable transportation to and from work, as well as a willingness to deal with unsteady employment status.  He has said that he hopes to “climb the ladder” in the school system’s substitute teacher pool in the coming months and years.
“What I’d REALLY like is one of those long-term sub jobs, where the teacher’s having surgery or on maternity leave”, Edwards said.  “It would sure beat waking up around 5am and not knowing if they’ll need you that day.

“Anyways, its still gotta be better than working with Kyle Busch.”