Sunday, October 16, 2016

Kevin Harvick Disappointed to Find Out About Special Free Bloomin’ Onion Promotion

Shortly after winning today’s Cup race at Kansas driver Kevin Harvick was surprised and disappointed when informed that, regardless of how he had finished today, fans would receive a free Bloomin’ Onion on Monday no matter what.
Means more to Kevin than pizza
“We’re just glad to get our fans a Bloomin’ Onion tomorrow with our win, we need a top-ten to do it but we wanted to make—what?” Harvick said in victory lane, only to be interrupted by a member of the Stewart-Haas Racing PR team.  “The fans get the Bloomin’ Onion no matter what?  Really?  Well, OK, then, that’s good too, I guess.”
The visibly dejected Harvick was then forced to make it through his post-race interview and other media obligations in an obviously sour mood.
“Getting into the next round of the Chase, that’s key, you know”, Harvick mumbled.  “We just gotta keep plugging away, going for it, whatever.”
Harvick was apparently unaware of the promotion, which was announced early on during the race’s telecast on NBC.  The announcement shocked fans who were already stunned to see a Cup race on a Sunday afternoon on network tv.
“So I won that thing for nothing, really?”, Harvick was heard asking a member of his crew.  “‘I believe that we will win’?  More like ‘I believe that we just wasted our time here’”.

Harvick apparently was informed later on that his mid-week visit with Rutledge Wood was a part of the promotion, infuriating him further.