Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Finally, Some GOOD News

Good Guy Greg

Lately it seems like there's been nothing but bad news all around, especially in the racing world.  So, in an attempt to cheer us all up, here's 10 pieces of good news:

1. Nascar on TNT really is gone for good.

2. Nobody really starts-and-parks at the Cup level anymore.

3. No matter how much tv ratings decline, they don't affect you one bit (unless you work for Fox).
4. We don't have to deal with "Will Junior finally break his winless streak at Michigan?" this year.

5. There's a chance that Jeff Gordon will mispronounce 3M as "mmm".

6. Nascar is still in much better shape than IndyCar.  Oh, and to everyone who follows IndyCar religiously?  I apologize to both of you.

7. Derrike Cope has not yet retired.

8. We'll get to see Milka Duno in a firesuit in a few weeks.

9. Last week's door-to-door battle at The Glen.

10. This week's tachometer-to-tachometer battle at Michigan.