Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dale Jr.'s "News" about the Note

Just seconds after capturing the season sweep at Pocono, Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s in-car camera captured what appeared to be a detailed, hand-written note on the inside of his car.  What did it say?  Well, a quick investigation has revealed it's contents:

Taken from my TV (I'm that white-trash)
Things to do today

1. Get up

2. Write this list

3. Call up Michael Waltrip, ask for "Mike Hunt"

4. Drive to track

5. Ask Biff what the 3M's stand for

6. Punch giant inflatable bowling pin, see if it falls down and bounces back

7. Drivers' Meeting--check to see if Johnny Sauter still smells like cashews

8. Sign autographs, make sure to disinfect after shaking hands with central Pennsylvania hicks

9. Run race

10. Win--remember to call Mr. H!