Saturday, August 19, 2017

Get A Veteran Driver a Cup Ride--The Home Game!!!

No post-race Burnout article tonight due to real life getting in the way--amuse yourself with this board game instead!

Orange Card Deck
Inadvertently Criticize Dale Jr.  Lose 2 points.
Blow off fan who runs a popular Twitter feed.  Lose 1 point.
Yell at your pit crew over the radio.  Lose 5 points.
Stare at potential sponsor’s bald spot.  Lose 2 points.
Steve Letarte pronounces your name wrong.  Lose 1 point.
Wreck during a commercial.  Lose 2 points.
Leave pit road with loose lug nut.  Lose 3 points.
Show up at practice with “flu-like symptoms”.  Lose 1 point.
Say Winston, Nationwide, or Busch.  Lose 2 points.
Blown tire.  Lose 3 points.
Pit road speeding penalty.  Lose 1 point.
Sneeze in your hand right before meeting Fortune 500 CEO.  Lose 4 points.
Yell at your crew chief post-race.  Lose 2 points.
Jeff Burton doesn’t like your strategy.  Lose 1 point.
Three laps short on fuel!  Lose 3 points.
Win a race…but fail inspection.  “Encumbered”.  Lose 1 point.
Bristol intro music get no reaction.  Lose 2 points.
Criticized by one of three remaining Nascar writers.  Lose 1 point.
Get caught in “The Big One”.  Lose 3 points.
Potential sponsor goes Chapter 11.  Lose 2 points.

Blue Card Deck
On the pole.  Get 3 points.
Old sponsor contacts you on Facebook.  Get 1 point.
Win the race!  Get 5 points.
Random guy at bar is a marketing agent.  Get 2 points.
Reporter takes pity on you and gives you a long interview on the pre-race.  Get 3 points.
Influential Twitter writer calls your situation “an injustice”.  Get 2 points.
Your situation is correctly explained by Rick Allen.  Get 1 point.
Post-race argument you won goes viral.  Get 4 points.
Pull a Brian Vickers and wreck five different guys at Martinsville.  Get 1 point.
Gain 100 new Twitter followers this week.  Get 2 points.
Jump the restart and don’t get caught.  Get 3 points.
Mention you’re sponsor less in post-race interview.  Get 1 point.
Your PR rep spends a whole day cold calling.  Get 2 points.
Cameraman focuses on your family during National Anthem.  Get 1 point.
Lose photo-finish race, but shake the winner’s hand afterwards.  Get 3 points.
Old sponsor’s CEO winds up at new company.  Get 2 points.
Come in first in some website’s weekly power rankings.  Get 1 point.
Positive rumor on Jayski.  Get 4 points.
Sub-12 second pit stop.  Get 1 point.

Narrowly avoid a wreck.  Get 3 points.