Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First An All-Driver Broadcast, Then What?

This Saturday Fox will experiment with an all-driver on-air broadcast crew at Pocono for the Xfinity Series race.  Not only is this an ingenious way to get around having to broadcast races in Texas and Pennsylvania in a 24-hour period, but it also could breathe some much-needed variety into what can turn into a pretty stale broadcast of a relatively ho-hum race.  So what else could Fox or NBC be working on for future broadcasts?  Here’s some rumored broadcast variations in the works:

Mikey-cam—the entire race is shot from the point of view of Michael Waltrip’s “grid-walk cam”, giving fans an eagle-eyed view of 1/3 of his hat brim and close-ups of Nascar’s finest’s hairlines.

Marty-Cast—complete coverage from Marty Burns, Marty Snider and Marty Smith, broadcast with a state-of-the-art MARTI antenna.

Sponsor-Friendly Commentary—the Interstate Batteries car won’t have any electrical issues!  The Stanley tools car will get fixed without any issues!  And “tradin’ paint” will never scrape anything off the Axalta machine!

Bitter Old Fan Guestcasters—listen to a bunch of late-middle-aged white guys talk about how much they hate Nascar and haven’t seen a race in years—all while giving detailed descriptions of what’s happened at recent races.