Sunday, June 11, 2017

Danica Patrick: Her Side of the Story on her Outburst on the Fans

Recently video surfaced online of Danica Patrick berating fans who boo’d her for not signing autographs.  In an exclusive first-person piece, Danica gives HER side of the story on what really happened—and what you didn’t see on-camera.

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity to set the record straight.  First off, I want to apologize to anyone who was offended by my language that I used to ‘tell-off’ the main perpetrator in this incident, but I think you’ll appreciate why I used such choice words once you hear the full story.
Purported photo of the autograph seeker
The truth is that I’ve dealt with this particular autograph seeker on numerous occasions.  Every time its the same thing over and over again—asking for multiple autographs on multiple pieces, and always complaining the moment I walk away.  Well, earlier that day I’d signed a whole tote-bag worth of stuff for him—diecast cars, hero cards, even some old IndyCar merch—but it wasn’t enough.
Now I’ll admit that it wasn’t a good look to walk past a whole group of fans—I shouldn’t let this one guy ruin it for the whole bunch.  And yes, I shouldn’t have lashed out.  But what you DIDN’T see in that footage was when I finally snapped and asked this fan—this, autograph hound—why he kept asking for MY autograph—when would it be enough?  HOW MANY AUTOGRAPHS DID HE NEED.
And his response?  ‘I-I need about tree fiddy’.  Did you hear that?  TREE.  FIDDY.
It was as this point that I realized that this wasn’t an average autograph seeker, but rather a giant prehistoric crustacean from the Paleozoic era!  I told him ‘Dangit, I ain’t givin you no tree fiddy autographs, you da Loch Ness Monstah!’  But of course the media didn’t report on that.

Thank you for your time, and now I need to go and find out how I’m supposed to support a fig bar company that refused to pay me for months.”